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03 October 2014

Army Battle

My nephew's birthday was a few weeks ago, and as is tradition, I made him a cake.

He started giving me details about the cake back in August.  His original plans included:

  • A rectangle cake that was half brown, half green
  • Bunkers
  • Army men made from Rice Krispy treats, one of which had to be throwing a grenade
  • A landing strip
  • Helicopters
  • Tanks
  • MUST be chocolate (His exact words when I asked him what flavor of cake..."umm...duh, chocolate.)
I vetoed the krispy treat soldiers immediately.  He didn't mind though, since I told him he could keep any extra army men toys I didn't use on the cake.

By the first of September, we'd nixed the landing strip, helicopters, and tanks.  Though we kept the half and half color scheme, bunkers, and army men.


Since he didn't get a rice krispy army, I made the fortifications from krispy treats.  I, admittedly, was not crazy about the cake, but my nephew was over the moon about it, and that's all that really matters.  It probably helped that he got approximately 40 new army men to add to his collection as well (not including those on the cake).

Switching gears...have you ever seen miniature waffle cones?  They are adorable and super fun to eat; you have to use a melon baller or something similar to achieve the right size scoop for the little things.  Oh, and they make perfect megaphone toppers for cheerleader themed cupcakes.


Ever seen a purple mustache? have now!


Talk to you soon!

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