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31 October 2014

No Bones About It


Happy Halloween!

Skeletor (as I affectionately took to calling this cake) started out with a completely white base, then was airbrushed to achieve the gray/black shading.  And, no the skulls, with the exception of the one on the middle tier, are not edible.  The top pieces in particular needed to be light enough to not sink into the cake.  Here's a couple of in-process shots for you as well.


Ready for the airbrush.  Please ignore the graffiti-like background; my airbrush booth backdrop has seen quite a few different shades.  And, while it eliminates some of the over spray, I'll still get to spend this weekend cleaning up a thin film of black airbrush color from nearly every surface in my kitchen...good times.


Minus the arms and cauldron in this photo, but it gives a better view of the details.  Happy note regarding the cauldron support - it gave me a chance to play with both power tools and paint.  Score!

Are you going trick or treating tonight?  If so, make sure you're in costume, no one likes to give out candy to those who don't make even a minimal effort. Plus, why pass up the chance to be a kid again??  Happy Halloween!

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