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17 October 2014

Fall Funzies

It's Fall!  And...we've actually had more than two days of beautiful Fall weather.  It's super exciting since we usually seem to transition directly from summer into winter.

Additional bonus to the coming of is in full swing and the weather is perfect for tailgating and cheering on your favorite team.  (Please note, the cake below is not my favorite team.  If you've been reading the blog for any length of time you know I cheer for the Pokes.)


This cake's final destination was in Clinton.  That's just a piece down the road, but happy to report it arrived with no mishaps and the client was exceptionally pleased with it.  *happy dance*

Another bonus, hunting season is either in full swing or is coming up quickly depending on  your prey of choice.


And...the Fall color palettes are on full display!  I love all the oranges,






and reds that are in use this time of year.

Talk to you soon!

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