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20 October 2011

Book of Memories


I made this scrapbook cake for an 80th birthday celebration.  The cake was covered in fondant, and the photos, which were provided by the family, were printed on icing sheets so that they too were edible!  Ironically though, no one actually wanted to cut and eat the photos when it came time, so we ended up removing them from the cake prior to cutting.  (The cake didn't look quite so pretty afterward, but it still tasted good!)

I received several comments on how realistic the book looked, and judging by the fingerprints that appeared in the fondant after its display at the reception, I'd venture there were more than a few people who tried to turn the pages.  But that's one of the best compliments a cake artist can receive!


The scrapbook cake served as a centerpiece, accompanied by these two sheet cakes.  They look fairly small here, but were actually both 16" square cakes...about 80 servings each.  That's a lot of cake!  Luckily, K and family all like cake, so they didn't mind leftovers. (I did mention the party was for K's grandfather, right?  Well, if not, now you know.  Hehe!)  It was a fabulous celebration and I was blessed to be invited to attend and help them them celebrate.

As for other cakes this week, there was also this rendition of a very popular race car:


The cake itself was iced in buttercream, then the car was cut from fondant and layered onto the cake.  It had a slightly raised/3D look when it was finished due to some of the layering involved with each color of fondant.

And, I once again entered the realm of sculpting.  Oh, and I even did some painting...freehand!


This cake was designed to match the party invitations and the birthday girl had specifically requested a leopard.  And since the client requested buttercream, I opted to hand paint the animal prints onto the cake with diluted food colors.  I wish the patterns had been a bit more vibrant, but they still turned out well!


The leopard turned out a tad more orange than I would have liked...perhaps he's a new cross between a tiger and a leopard.  What would that breed be?  A leoger?  Or maybe a tipard?  The world may never know...

Talk to you soon!

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