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23 October 2011


Big news to share with you today…

After much soul searching and many sleepless nights, I’ve decided to take a hiatus from decorating cakes, effective November 1.

Let me be clear though that I am not completely walking away from the kitchen.

After all, I still enjoy working with food…particularly food of the sugary sweet persuasion.  It’s just that I need to ration my intake; find some balance in my life again.  And once I determine what a good level of intake is (i.e. one that allows me time to live my life and still bake and cake and cook), I’ll ratchet up to that level again.  But for now I can’t sustain the heavy workload I’ve brought on myself… I suppose that’s what too much of a good thing too quickly does to you.

And as reassurance that I am not throwing in the towel for good:

~ The blog will still be here, hopefully as a better source of information (recipes, tips, etc.) rather than just a cake “fashion plate.” 

~ All the cake orders that I have standing, regardless of date scheduled, will still be fulfilled and completed to the same exacting standard I demand of myself (and that you have hopefully come to expect).

~ And, yes, even after the standing orders are done, there will still be a few cakes in the mix…after all, I’m not superwoman, I can’t give up something I love cold turkey!

So…to all of you who have supported me thus far…THANK YOU.  Without your support, feedback, and more continued support, most of the projects I've completed over the past couple of years would have been impossible.  And if you do need a cake, go ahead and check with me; if my time, schedule, and energy permit, I’ll be more than happy to create one for you!

Just FYI…this is not a decision I’ve reached lightly.  I started decorating cakes because it was a fun, creative outlet for me.  I never dreamed that it would take off for me the way it has…and I’m thankful that it has, absolutely no regrets. (Well maybe a couple, but I trust God will work things out for the best!)  Unfortunately though, I can’t sustain the 40 hour workweek at my regular job, as well as the 40 hour workweek at my “hobby.”  The sad truth of the matter is that rather than continuing to bring me joy, cake decorating has become a duty for me…one that has currently cost me far too much in terms of relationships, personal well-being, and happiness.

By taking this break (is it still a break if I dabble slightly?), I hope to find some peace and happiness again.  I’m looking forward to spending more quality time with the people I love and to doing things that I enjoy.   I can’t wait to have time to work in the yard or to curl up on the deck in the evenings with a good book.  To plan (and actually attend) weekend happenings or to lounge around on a lazy Saturday if that’s how the mood strikes me.  To take a vacation without a year of pre-planning or to begin conquering my bucket list, which seems to be getting longer every day.  The list of things I want to get back to is long, and varied, but so full of life…my life.

I can’t wait to find that harmonious balance again.  Hopefully, the new mix will include plenty of sugar, both literally and figuratively.   And I promise, you haven’t seen the last of my cake and confection creations!

I'll be back!*

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