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26 October 2011

On Target

Or at least the cakes are this week.  Not so sure about a few other things!  But you're not here about those "other things," you're here for the cakes!

Handgun...check.  Ammo...check.  Pistol target...check.  Completely edible...check!


This cake was a bit of a headache for me.  Turns out that while you can find food grade molds for revolvers, semi-automatic handguns are a different story.  I actually ended up having to make my own mold!  Let's just say it was an adventure, and as always seems to be the case, if I go down this road again, there will definitely be some changes made to the execution.  But, regardless, I was extremely happy with how the cake looked.  And, yes, the handgun and bullets are completely edible...they are even hand painted!


My apologies for the darkness of this photo...seemed I couldn't get a good picture from any angle!  The only  request the client had for this cake was that a photo of the birthday girl be used.  Since she's a singer, I opted to include a few bars of "Happy Birthday to You" as well.  And if you look closely, you can see where I added her name to the song in a different font.


My first official cupcake cake!  I must admit, I do not like cupcake cakes in the traditional sense of the term.   I've never understood why someone would want several cupcakes all iced together...doesn't that just lend itself to messiness?? Anyway, my solution was to ice the cupcakes individually, then put them together to form the "cake."  It may not be traditional, but I like it.  Hehe.  Oh, and that lonely white cupcake to the left?  It was for the candle.  And don't forget the spider in the upper right.  I'm working on a tutorial so you can make your own, hopefully it will be posted by the end of the week, just in time for Halloween!

Speaking of, have you bought your Halloween candy yet?

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