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13 March 2012

Clean Cut

If you took a gander at this delicious recipe the other day, then you have a hint about today's Tasty Tip - how to cleanly slice cheesecakes, pies, cakes, etc.

The best way, and the one that will work for just about any kind of cake/pie/etc, even one with nuts, fruit, or candies in it, is to use a hot knife.  How to do this:
  • Fill a tall container (a water pitcher or tall vase works well) with enough hot tap water to cover the entire blade of the knife.
  • Dip the knife into the hot water, then wipe it dry with a clean towel before making a cut.  Repeat the process for each slice.
Alternatively, you can use a piece of cheese wire, fishing line, or unflavored dental floss (all new and unused, of course!) to slice your dessert as long as it doesn't contain any nuts, fruit, or other large bits.  Simply cut a piece of floss/line/wire that is long enough to stretch across the cake and wrap around your first finger on both hands.  Pull the floss taut across the cake, then press it down through the cake using your thumbs.  Once you've gone through the cake completely, release one side of the floss, pull it through the cake, and repeat until you have the entire cake sliced.
Another tip for getting the cleanest cut slices you possibly can - always pull the knife out from the side of the cake, rather than lifting it through the top.


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