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18 April 2012

Beginnings, Blue Jeans, & Birthdays

In this case, the beginning of taking two independent "I"s and merging them together into one "we" engagement!  (As though the silhouette on the cake didn't kinda give that one away.)


Your eyes are not deceiving you, the middle tier is considerably taller than most of the tiers I make.  In fact, it's twice as tall (a.k.a. a "double barrel" or "extended tier").  Madre helped me deliver this cake, and she was pretty concerned about the transport; to be honest, I was too.  Rough dirt roads and cattle guards are not the optimum driving surface for cake deliveries...but, by crawling along at a snail's pace (we're talking 25 mph or less) the cake arrived safely!  

Side note:  in the interest of full disclosure - the ribbons/bows and crystal centers were not edible.

Blue Jeans:
No, it's not a picture of me in my best pair (you didn't really want to see that anyway!), but it is blue jean pocket sugar cookies.  Complete with tiny red bandannas!  And "stitching!"


And, speaking of jeans, check out one of my upcoming projects (yes, I needed another item on my list of to-dos) - the Green Jeans 5K.  There's not a whole plethora of information available yet since we (my sisters, nieces, and I) are still working out the kinks, but I think it will be a fun event.  If you're in our area, or even if you're not, and want to participate we'd love to have you join us.  There might even be food involved! *wink, wink*

Just one...mine!  Hehe!  No need to worry about how old I am.  Let's just say I'm old enough to know better and still too young to care.  Age is just a number anyway - you are as young as you feel!  

Best thing about this birthday?  Madre made me chicken fried steaks with all the fixins...we're talking hand-breaded chicken fries, scratch cream gravy, homemade dinner rolls, corn, mashed potatoes, green was heaven on a plate.  And the icing on the top was I didn't have to cook any of it!  (It's nice to have someone cook for me every once in awhile!)  I did make dessert though:


No cake - Madre offered to make one or have one made for me, but I declined.  Instead, I made a bourbon pie (sorry no pics!), and that yummy-ness you see up there.  It doesn't really have a name...something along the lines of "Cookies 'n' Cream brownie cake" maybe...I was free styling when I made it...but it was tasty, once we got it pried off the bottom of the pan.  Yes, it stuck like glue - the recipe needs a little work if it's going to stay in the "usable/shareable" category.

'Til next time!

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