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26 April 2012


That's French for "water."

Or how you pronounce "O" when referring to the Cirque Du Soleil show.

Stumped?  Not sure what I'm referring to?  Then welcome to the boat I was in last week when I received a request for a cake based on "O".  Luckily, I have the world wide web...and the willingness to spend a while researching.

Here's the cake:


Lots of water, an umbrella (from what I gather one of the main characters uses an umbrella as a boat in the show) and a mask similar to the show's advertising poster.  

Here's a different view of the mask.  It was molded from gumpaste and then hand-painted.  (Oh, and special thanks to Pax for coming to my rescue and mailing me a few supplies!)


I've never been terribly interested in seeing any of the Cirque shows, but after researching them for this cake,  I have to say, my curiosity has been piqued.  If the opportunity came along to see one, I'd be more inclined to attend than in the past.  Who says cake decorating doesn't expand your horizons?

Aside from the "O" cake, I also made this pretty spring themed birthday cake.


The flower is a loose interpretation of a peony.  And the monogram was cut from an icing sheet using the Silhouette cutter.  (I've decided the best, and in my opinion, only thing to use the electronic cutter to cut is icing more fussing with gumpaste sheets for this girl.  I can hand-cut gumpaste faster than I can prep and cut it with the Silhouette!)

And, cupcakes for a spring-themed wedding shower. 


The monogram centers were cut from gumpaste and were edible.  The intertwined silver rings were not edible (boo!), but there was no possible way I could make over 100 of them and still have them look dainty, round, and similar to each other.  Sometimes you just have to know your limits!

Talk to you soon!

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