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11 April 2012

Rabbits, Chicks, and Eggs...Oh, My!

Once again, as is almost always the case around here, I'm sharing holiday goodies with you after the holiday.  But that's just how the cookie crumbles, and, to put a positive spin on it...I'm giving you a heck of a good jump on planning for next year!

With that in mind, maybe for Easter next year you'd like to make some cute cake balls or cake pops decorated to look like eggs (in many varieties), chicks, and rabbits.


(I call this photo "The Lineup," and it represents many, many hours of work.)  I think the rabbits are my favorite - it's their marshmallow ears, just too cute!

And, after you've made all your cake balls/cake pops, why not put them into a couple of cute Easter baskets, maybe even use some edible grass to really carry out the idea!


Ah, yes...the wheels are turning...I can see the ideas taking shape in your mind's eye for next year's extravaganza.  Be sure to take notes!  I don't want you to forget anything!

A large part of Easter is about the basket (see above), but why not consider an Easter present, in cake?  All tied up with a pretty bow and ribbon.


Or, maybe invite a couple of bunnies to the party.  

NO, not those kind of bunnies!  These bunnies; though you'll want to keep a close eye on the bunny next to the bow...


Or, maybe you need ideas for a unique cookie for Easter brunch.  How about these apple pie cookies?  A fun, multi-step, several hour long process cookie that will leave you wondering why you agreed to make them for your dear niece who insisted you wait to make them until she was home.  You were thinking, of course, that she wanted to help construct them, only to be told she just wanted to taste-test them, not help make them. *sigh*  But, that being said, they were really rather fun to put together and tasty, too!


And, of course, you'll need a few dyed eggs for hunting.  May I suggest these marbled beauties?  Dyed using shaving cream and food coloring.  A rather messy process, but the results were pretty spectacular.  Oh, and bright color combinations seem to work best; the darker colors seemed more camouflage than marbled...


Got your notes all written up?  Perfect!  Just make sure you put them in a safe place, so that you'll have them at the ready for Easter next year.  Hehe!

Talk to you soon!

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