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03 April 2012

"Egg"cellent Egg Decorating Ideas

Easter is just around the corner!  This Sunday in fact!  If you're anything like me, you take great joy in finding new and creative ways to dye and decorate Easter eggs.  Here's a few of my favorite ideas:
  • A clear or white wax crayon.  Draw on the egg before dyeing, or dye a base color, allow it to dry, then draw a design with the crayon, and dye in a different color.  Repeat as desired for a multicolored/layered effect!
  • Rubber bands.  Wrap the bands loosely around the egg in several different directions, then dye.  Can be repeated with different wrappings and dye baths to create a layered effect.
  • Old silk ties/shirts/etc.  Here's the rundown on how to use this method:  Silk-Dyed Eggs
  • Colored Candles.  Allow the wax from a lighted colored candle to drip onto the egg
  • Tissue Paper.  Cut sheets of colored tissue paper into small squares or simple designs.  Using a wet paper towel, dampen the egg, then apply the tissue paper.  Gently press a damp paper towel over the tissue paper (on the egg), then remove the towel and tissue paper to reveal the design!
  • Stickers/Masking Tape.  Apply the stickers or masking tape in whatever design you wish.  Dye the egg, then remove the stickers/tape.
And, one last you hate those puddles of dye that collect at the bottom of your Easter eggs while they dry?  If so, then before placing them on the drying rack, take a clean, dry paper towel, and gently wipe the excess dye off the egg.  This will prevent the "dye puddle" and will also give you a more even color as the egg dries.

Happy Easter!


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