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22 October 2013

Apple Mix

Don't be afraid to mix a few varieties of apples in recipes.  Try tart (Granny Smith, Cortland) with sweet (Pink Lady, Macoun), and don't forget to take texture into account too - Empire and McIntosh soften when they are cooked; Golden Delicious and Honeycrisp retain their shape.  Just avoid Red Delicious, especially in baked recipes, they get too mushy.

You can find all sorts of "Apple Variety Charts" online that will give some guidelines on best uses, flavors, and textures.  Though with the wide variety of apples available, you'll probably be hard pressed to find a chart that includes EVERY single one.  This chart from Tuttle Orchards is easy to read and includes many of the most common varieties, plus it's in a nice one page format that's ready to be printed.


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