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03 October 2013

Drama, Drama, Drama

The life of a caker isn't all rainbows and buttercream.  Oh no. Truth be told it's (for me anyway) quite a few long days and even longer nights with minimal sleep, lots of stress, and the occasional "why am I doing this again?"  But then again, I sometimes ask myself that same question on my long runs, usually around mile "halfway"...hmm.

Anyway, on to the drama.  I had three FANTASTIC scenarios happen with the cakes below, but I'm not going to tell you which ones they were.  Hee hee.  You can just take a guess and use your imagination.

#1:  One of the cakes below fell over onto its side while I was moving it to the display board.  The decoration on it was mostly completed.  I may have cried and cussed.  No it did not hit the floor, though, let's be honest, the table was disaster enough.  I started over.

#2:  One of the cakes below resulted in me nearly slicing the tip of my pointer finger off.  With a super-heated knife.  (Yes, I had passed the knife blade through fire so that it would cut the necessary object.  Had to do what I had to do.)  There was no edible food product anywhere near me at the time of gash.  I only dripped blood through half the house on the way to the bathroom for band-aids.  It's incredibly difficult to ice/decorate/do much anything that requires precision with a bum pointer finger wrapped in several band-aids and a gloved hand.

#3:  One of the cakes below had a blowout (i.e. the buttercream had air trapped beneath it and the air bubble rose to the surface) on the way to its final destination.  An emergency roadside patch was put in place.

And, here's the cakes!


Sprinkles and German chocolate.


'Tis the season, and houses everywhere are divided.


Last season the pattern was damask (it's till popular by the way), this season, it's chevron.


The Explorer.


Mrs. Mouse and her bows.


Pearls and quilting and Gluten-Free, too!


The Quack Pack.

So, any guesses as to which cakes suffered and/or caused the maladies?  Don't worry, in the instance when something goes wrong with a cake, I always correct it.

Talk to you soon!

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