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31 October 2013

I Like You For Your Brains

Occasionally, a cake order comes along that really reaffirms to me why I started doing this in the first place.  This was one of those cakes.  To say I had far, far too much fun making this cake is probably an understatement...

PA280033_cew's a brain!  With a real knife sticking out of it.  And...aside from said knife, it's 100% edible - blood, brain matter, and goo-like spinal fluid globs - all ready to make an appearance on your plate.  I think the silver platter really ups the elegance factor, don't you?

Wait!  Where are you going?

Sorry if I grossed you out, maybe I should have warned you.  Here, I'll make up for it since bloody body organs don't really seem to be your thing...


See, a sweet witch and cat!  A much more family friendly approach to Halloween.  Oh, speaking of which,


Have I mentioned that this is one of my favorite holidays?  Now, go and make me proud - wait for your kids to get home from trick-or-treating then abscond with all your favorite candies from their treat bags.  (Not really, that's cruel.)  Or if you don't have kiddos, wait until tomorrow, then go buy discounted Halloween candy.  Shop early though for best selection!

Actually, that last scenario works with or without the kids.  One size fits all!
Happy haunting!

P.S.  Here's a recipe for making your own edible "blood."  To make it darker and thicker, as in the photo above, add a drop or two of purple food coloring and a teaspoon or so of corn starch.

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