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30 October 2013


Halloween is tomorrow!  Yay!  It's probably my second favorite holiday; Christmas comes first.

Have you gathered up your costume?  Bought candy for the trick-or-treaters?  Or maybe you are making treats rather than buying them in the store?

Or maybe you had the great idea that you'd make treats, but just haven't gotten around to it...if so, might I suggest one of the following options?  They all come together fairly quickly (translation - last minute) though they will probably require a trip to the store, so don't dilly dally too long.


Chocolate covered Oreos with fondant cut-outs.  Because Oreos are as addictive as cocaine, so some say, so let's give them to the kiddos.
You'll need Oreos, chocolate or candy melts or almond bark, fondant, and mini cookie cutters.  Melt the coating, dip the Oreos, let dry a few minutes, add the fondant cut-outs, and allow to dry completely.  Viola!


Monster Eye Cookies.  You can use just about any "crinkle" cookie recipe you like, I used this one from Lil' Luna.  Just keep in mind that you'll need to chill the dough for 30 minutes prior to baking.


Fudge Candy Corn.  Sweetened condensed milk, white chocolate chips, and food coloring - what's not to love?  This one requires chilling prior to cutting it down into "candy corn" shapes; I wasn't that patient, so I just hacked mine into blocks.  It still tasted good!  You can find the recipe over on Something Swanky.


Traditional Candy Corn.  This is a bit more labor intensive, but still comes together in about an hour.  Just don't expect perfectly shaped corns...unless you've got plenty of time to spend trying to master the shape.  That purdy stuff up there (said facetiously, my friends) was made using Alton Brown's recipe.


Halloween Candy Bark.  Less than 20 minutes to put together, then you just have to let it harden before breaking into pieces.  Easy peasy.  Printable recipe can be found here.

And, last but not least, and really just for giggles (and proof that not everything is turns out as expected), I give you...Minty Cookie Ghosts!


Yes, I know they are not pretty.  To say they were a failure in the appearance department is putting it kindly.  They did taste good though!  What were they supposed to look like?  Glad you asked; according to the glossy magazine spread, they should've turned out more like this (and in 15 minutes or less...pssh!):

Photo:  Rachael Ray Magazine

Ah...I just love it when reality meets advertising.  Good times.  But, I got a good laugh from it, and it's possible that I just didn't know the correct way to make the good-looking ghosts happen.

Come back tomorrow for some Halloween cakes!

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