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24 October 2013

They Got Me's official.  I've been sucked into the the Twitter-verse.  I've been resisting, but like so many things with social media and technology, there comes a point when resistance is futile.  And, though I've given in, I'll be honest that I don't fully understand it's draw; maybe I just haven't figured out how best to utilize it.  But, right now, it sort of, maybe a little bit, sets my OCD on edge - the constant updates, all in a jumble of tweets and retweets and favorites and promotions with no sense of organization - GAH!  it's enough to set me twitching.

Course, if you enjoy random, stream of conscious posts that may or may not have anything to do with the blog, follow along.  I'll probably at least give you a laugh every now and then.  There's a fancy little button over on the right...just a click and you'll be following along.  Yay!

Now that we've enjoyed that random segue, how about a couple of cakes?


Yes, that's a hurricane cake.  Bet you can't guess what the occasion was?  Give up?   A 16th birthday.

Though for an 80th birthday, you might opt for something a bit more elegant, like this orchid draped cake.


I made the orchids from gumpaste.  And opted to use the "vintage" (read: no longer available) Wilton gumpaste flower kit because it's orchid method doesn't require individually wiring the petals; I was trying to save time, but in reality, I just ended up wasting my time with lots of broken flowers.  *sigh*  Live and learn.

Talk to you soon!

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